Understand Injury Treatment Following A Motor Vehicle Accident In Ontario

Many people wonder about who will cover the expenses of treatment following a motor vehicle accident. The confusion is understandable, of course. Especially in cases where people have access to accident benefits via their car insurance company, on top of an additional car insurance policy in which they are also named, on top even more health coverage through another person’s insurance plan.

With all these potential benefits, it can get quite overwhelming, quite quickly. Which benefits should you apply for? One of them? All of them? If so, is there a specific order? While there are rules, the circumstances of each accident are still unique in nature, and in order to obtain detailed advice, you will need to take advantage of a free consultation session with an experienced lawyer in your area.

The Insurance Act

Under this act, you are legally allowed to apply for all insurance policies which could provide coverage for accident benefits, regardless of how many you may have access to. Following your applications, your insurers get to determine who will need to pay up. It should be noted that your insurance company should be paying in any case in which they are on the list of potential benefits providers. Afterward, they should start prioritizing between other sources for benefits in order to receive additional payments.Seeking out advice about who to apply to is smart, but seeking out the payments and prioritizing between them is not your job, but your insurance company’s.

Extended Health Benefits

It is within your obligations to obtain your extended health benefits prior to accessing your MVA insurance accident benefits which are available to you through your Ontario auto insurer. However, the details of this shouldn’t be too big of a concern for you, since the vast majority of licensed clinics will know which steps to take.Workers at the clinic where you obtain treatment should be preparing all necessary forms and submissions for you. And sometimes, you will also be able to obtain additional help from your personal injury lawyer in Richmond Hill. The latter will oftentimes also ensure that you actually receive all the benefits owed to you.

Lost Benefits

Recently, other extended health and disability benefits have popped up which exclude motor vehicle accident related injuries from the coverage you would otherwise receive through your employer. If such is the case for you, you will need to inform your car insurer as soon as possible. Additionally, your lawyer will be able to help you not just with filing the claim for damages, but assist you through the complex process with ease.

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