Understanding More About Different Types of Auto Accidents

Circumstances around car accidents can vary greatly. No two accidents will be the same even if they happen to be similar. Obvious variables include road condition and location of the accident, as well as the type of damage sustained by the vehicles and the injuries experienced by those involved in the accident.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill know that the causes of accidents can also vary greatly. Since there are so many variables in the types of auto accidents and potential injuries, it’s important to have at least a basic understanding of the possible variables in vehicle accidents. Knowing the common types of auto accidents will help you to know what to do should you ever get into one. This, combined with having a personal injury lawyer representing you, will help you protect yourself legally in the event of being involved in a vehicle accident.

One Car or Multi Car Accident

Most auto accidents are of dual categories: they’re either a single vehicle accident or an auto accident involving two or more vehicles. A single car accident means that only one vehicle was involved. When this happens, the vehicle most likely hit something that doesn’t move such as a tree or a curb. Regardless if an accident is a single car or multi auto accident, these accidents have the potential to cause significant injuries to the passengers or drivers, and even bystanders, and cause significant damage to the vehicles.

Rollover Accidents

This variant of accident happens when a vehicle flips onto its side or overturns onto the roof. It has been seen that SUVs often thought to be more safe vehicles because of their height and size, are more prone to rollover accidents because of their higher center of gravity. It’s possible to have a rollover accident with other vehicles too. These types of accidents can cause serious neck, head and back injuries.

Head-on Collisions

A head on collision is an accident when the front ends of two vehicles collide. Injuries sustained in these types of accidents are most often serious since they often happen at high speeds. Damage to the vehicles is generally extensive too.

Sideswipe and Side Impact Accidents

The side impact accident, often called T-bone accidents, happen when one car hits the passenger or driver side of the vehicle. Often severe vehicle damage is caused. Injuries can be significant too with the passengers of the vehicle is t-boned generally sustain serious injuries. That said, the passengers of the vehicle doing the t-boning can also be injured.

A side impact collision is not very similar to a sideswipe accident. The latter happens when two crash it when they travel parallel but diverge and collide. Injuries and damage with a sideswipe accident are usually not as serious but could potentially be serious if the cars were speeding.

Rear End Collisions

This is a common type of collision, especially if road conditions are less than ideal. It occurs when one vehicle hits into the back of a stopped or slower moving vehicle. Rear end collisions are most common at stop lights or if a driver was following a vehicle in front of them too closely.

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