Understanding Dog Bites By Laws In Toronto

Dog bites are obviously a serious challenge in Ontario as more and more people get bitten every year. With this in mind, it’s important to note that there are cities such as Toronto which are already looking to enforce stronger and more serious legislation towards regulating dangerous dogs. This is a request which has been passed on by a Councilor in an attempt to bring more attention to animal bylaws in order to ensure that the safety of the public is put in place.
And, this is something that should be taken into very serious consideration. Dog bites are actually quite dangerous. They are responsible for tremendously damaging injuries and ones which could leave scars for life. These are not just physical marks of the attack because a dog attack is usually associated with a tremendous amount of psychological stress and suffering. This is undoubtedly something that needs to be taken into very serious consideration.
The current law which regulates dog bites alongside different animal attack stipulations is called the Dog Owner’s Liability Act and it’s been in force since the 31st of December back in 1990. This is almost 30 years of time during which the legislator has not amended the act. This is definitely something that needs to be taken into account.
Interestingly enough, this same act does pose some very intricate and powerful stipulations such as the contributory negligence and the overall strict liability that the owner is subjected to. To put it in simpler terms, you are liable for the damages that your animal causes regardless of whether you are present or not. However, if the victim has contributed to the attack, their compensation is going to get reduced accordingly. This is something quite important and it needs to be taken into very serious account.
Additionally, the Act also stipulates liability for the damages that your dog causes to other animals or items. This is quite logical, when you come to think of it. When your dog viciously attacks another dog owner’s pet, you would have to go ahead and get treatment for the latter. The owner is capable of seeking reparations from the former because of the behavior of his vicious dog. The same thing is true for recovering damages done to your buildings or other items.
In any case, the need for a personal injury lawyer is absolutely transparent and rather obvious when it comes to it. This is going to ensure that your case is handled properly and that you have the best chances of recovering any money at all. This is the first thing that you should go ahead and handle if you want to file a dog bite lawsuit. However, hiring the services of an injury lawyer firm or even an independent lawyer will help you get the legalities completed properly. This will increase your chances of getting proper compensation on the claim.

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