When an accident leaves you injured, you will not just have to deal with medical treatments and your recovery, but also with a financial aspect. Medical bills, income loss, rehabilitation expenses – these things can quickly pile up, even with less severe injuries. However, when it comes to involvement in accidents, you will most likely be entitled to damages in some way, shape, or form. Though the laws state that you are eligible for compensation, it is difficult to get it on your own.

Knowing which financial compensation, you are entitled to will help you recover from the financial hardship of recovering from an injury. And that is where Personal Injury Lawyer in Vaughan come in. Because in order to obtain these damages and benefits, you will first need to file a claim for them. And since the majority of accidents are not covered by the Canadian Criminal Code, you will most likely need to file either a tort claims or a benefit claim. Now it’s time to learn how to tell the two apart.

First up: tort claims

In situations where your injury was the result of somebody else’s negligent behavior, your will need to file a tort claim against that person. In the event of a successful outcome of that claim, you will then receive compensatory damages from that liable party. It should also be noted that financial compensation cannot just be used to make up for financial expenses stemming from the accident, but also to compensate the victim for their pain and suffering.

As a result, the financial compensation can stretch to cover medical bills, compensation for mental health struggles, income losses, future loss of earnings, attendant costs, and other forms of rehabilitation, like training programs to get you back into the working field by teaching new skills for a job you are fit enough to exercise without negatively impacting your recovery process.

It should also be mentioned that, even if you are partially liable for causing the accident that left you injured, you may still be in a position in which you can file a tort claim; though there is a downside in comparison to tort claim where you are wholly innocent: the percentage of which you are found guilty will be deducted from the settlement. So, if you are found twenty-five percent guilty, you will only receive three-fourths of the ultimate settlement.Whether you are fully innocent, partially liable, or fully liable – you can always file for accident benefits.

Accident benefits

Though anyone that has been injured or involved in an accident can benefit from the accident benefit claim. These are damages paid for the death or injuries that was incurred and is paid by the individual’s insurance company. These damages are paid to fulfill the expenses on funerals, care giving services, medical treatment and other additional costs that are related to the injured individual. It is best to hire the services of a personal injury lawyer to get a fair settlement.