How Victim of Spinal Cord Injury Should Work To Initiate Lawsuit

If you are reading this, then you must have a spinal cord injury, or perhaps one of your relatives must deal with that life-changing problem. Do not feel as though no one else can imagine how you feel. There is a whole list of situations that have the ability to cause some unfortunate person to suffer a spinal cord injury.

What situations would be on such a list?

• An automobile accident or any motor vehicle accident
• A diving accident
• A fall from a height or a fall onto a sharp or pointed object
• Various sporting and recreational activities: Horseback riding would be one of those, as would wrestling, engaging in judo or taking part in karate.
• Acts of violence

Each situation forces the potential victim to face a recognized and specific risk. Depending on the nature of that risk, the victim’s life could be changed dramatically in more than one way.

Types of changes caused by a spinal cord injury

• Level of strength displayed by victim is diminished.
• The range of the basic sensations that feed information to the brain decreases. The acuteness of some sensations has diminished.
• Certain body systems function poorly, such as the excretory and the respiratory system.

What sorts of tissues might get damaged?

• Muscle tissue
• Bone
• Connective tissues
• Nerves

There are two types of spinal cord injuries. Anyone victim with a severed cord should become familiar with those two types, before attempting to sue the person that was allegedly responsible for his or her disabling condition.

The 2 ways all victims’ spinal cords might get severed

Complete: This causes the victim to lose all feeling in the part of the body below the level of the injury.

Incomplete: This allows the victim to retain some sensory and motor function in the region of the body below the level of the injured cord.

Both types can have a devastating impact on the life of the disabled victim. That impact should be the focus of any lawsuit that gets pursued by a Personal Injury Lawyer in Georgetown. That same lawyer must call attention to the drastic changes in the victim’s life.

Areas of life that undergo the most costly changes

If you need to launch new career or give up on the idea of pursuing any career; you must restructure your office space, in order to accommodate their new needs. You must introduce major modifications to the home, such as a ramp or a stair lift or hire people to serve as care givers within the home. Additionally, you might introduce modifications to a car or other motored vehicle, such as a van or perhaps trade in the current automobile and replace it with a van. You might need prosthetics or purchase medical supplies that will replace a malfunctioning limb or body system.

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