What To Do If You Are Attacked By A Dog

There are certain breeds of dogs that have been considered more dangerous in the past few years and that is mainly due to the increase of dog attacks from this particular breed; pit bulls. There are rules and regulations that make living in your neighborhood safer for those who fear a dog attack is most likely going to happen due to the increase of dog ownership with this type of dog. Unfortunately, people are still getting attacked and these dogs are still out on a leash and in some cases, getting free and running off from their owners.
Dog population has increased over the years with most households having at least one dog at their residence. Every year, dog bites occur more and more and many times it happens to family members or neighbors.

Dog bite law

Dog bit laws are great but they are only as good as those who obey them. The laws are there to protect someone who has suffered a dog bite as well as down ownership rights.
If you receive a bite, the owner of the dog is held responsible. If you are going to sue him/her for the expenses associated with that dog bite, you will need to sue his/her home owners insurance policy to receive the money.
A dog owner is considered anyone who possesses or keeps a dog on their property and tends to that dog’s needs. This also includes anyone who has a dog in their care, even for a short period of time. For example, if the neighbor comes over and wants to take the dog for a walk and while walking, your dog bites someone, then that neighbor is responsible for that dog bite. Dog owners do not have any rights to defend against a claim for damages done to another human when a dog has bitten them. The owners are responsible.

What to do if you are the victim of an attack

If you are attacked by a dog, or another animal, what do you do?
• First seek medical attention immediately
• Report the attack to the authorities
• Write down what happened and take any pictures if needed
• Obtain the name and contact information of anyone who may have seen the attack take place
• Record the date and the location of where something happens
The next step is to contact a personal injury lawyer in personal injury lawyer in Vaughan that specializes in dog bites so you can receive the compensation you need and you won’t be discouraged to do so. You will want to give your lawyer the information listed above. It’s also important that you follow up on all doctor visits and medical professionals in order to stay on top of your injuries and begin the healing process.

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