Will Your Insurance Policy Cover Accidents Outside Ontario?

One of the most frequently asked questions personal injury lawyers get to hear is whether or not their auto insurance will cover them outside of the confines of Ontario. This is a very valid question, especially for people who travel a lot, and not just within Canada, but also the United States.

If you are one of the Canadians who spends a lot of time in the States, you may or may not be aware that the laws regarding minimum liability coverage vary a lot between the two countries. Whereas in Canada, a minimum coverage of $200,000 is required of all driver, in the US there are no such laws. This leads to a vast majority of drivers navigating U.S. with little, if not no, coverage.

Coverage Outside of Ontario

A vehicle covered by insurance will also be covered outside Ontario streets. Ontario standard policies all include safeguards which ensure coverage regardless of where the accident occurs. Thus, rest assured, no matter where the accident occurs, if you are injured, your insurance coverage will still hold up, especially when you have the personal injury lawyer in Vaughan to represent your rights.They will ensure that they work to help you get the highest amount of compensation.

Standard Motor Vehicle Policy in Ontario

The majority of Ontario insurance policies include a selection of no-fault benefits. Such benefits ensure coverage for all insured drivers, even when they are found partially or fully responsible for causing the accident. These benefits also extend to accidents taking place anywhere else across Canada, the United States, or ship ports between the two countries.
Included in this policy are accident benefits for income loss, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, caregiver wages, attendant care, death and funeral expenses, education losses, visitor expenses, reimbursements for damaged glasses, medical devices, and damages clothes, as well as benefits for more severe injuries which require housekeeping staff or other home maintenance expenses.

Coverage For Uninsured Automobiles

Another protective measured included in every kind of Ontario auto insurance policy, is protection for the injured Ontario driver in case of an accident in which the at-fault driver is without personal insurance. The coverage in such cases has the upper limit set by the Ontario driver’s personal liability coverage plan. Thus, if you are injured due to an underinsured driver, you are still protected.

Family Protection Endorsement

The majority of Ontario Motor Vehicle Policies will also include coverage for injured family members of the driver in exchange for a low premium payment. This coverage extends outside the limits of Ontario and has the same upper limit as their own liability insurance.

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